Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a bite suit faster than 4-weeks?

We typically make our bite suits upon order here in Colorado Springs. We generally ask you to allow four weeks for delivery, however the typical suit is shipped within two weeks. This is not a guarantee; please call us for orders that have a hard deadline.

I ordered the wrong item how do I return it?

Signature K9 will accept returns of new products. If it is a situation where the customer simply ordered the incorrect size or item; we ask that you obtain a RTA# (Return Authorization Number) to help us expedite the processing. In these cases we do ask that the customer pay return shipping.

If Signature K9 ships you the incorrect item we would be glad to take your return and Signature K9 will cover the return shipping and the shipment of your correct item. In this case we do still ask that you call to obtain a RTA#, however it is not required if you include detailed information of the issue and how you would like the issue resolved.

Why do you carry tactical gear?

This is a great question. We launched our tactical gear line after many informal conversations with our customers. We wanted to know what products they purchase for their K9 team that Signature K9 did not currently offer – tactical clothing and gear was one of the most common product lines that were brought up. We feel Signature K9 manufactures and sources the best product for the dog and we feel confident we can do the same for the handler. Our tactical line is limited to the brands and products that we think are best suited for K9 handlers.

Does Signature K9 offer dog training classes or certifications?

Not at the present time. We believe there are many qualified trainers and training methods. Without first hand knowledge of specific training and techniques Signature K9 avoids this approach.

I have a product suggestion; how do I get Signature K9 to carry it?

We are always searching for new products and product ideas to meet the demands of our customers. The best way to communicate your idea to us is via email – Please keep in mind our team is constantly developing new products ourselves and we do get many requests for product and idea reviews. It may take a couple of weeks to respond to you.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, however we do not offer the ability to order internationally via Due to the specific nature of our products and to ensure our international customer gets the correct product and sizing for their application we ask that they call a customer care representative. One-on-one phone communication also allows for a more accurate shipping quote.

Does Signature K9 have a retail store that I can visit and purchase products?

Signature K9 only has one retail location in our headquarters and distribution center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. At the present time no have plans to expand our retail operation to include any new locations. The address of our Colorado Springs retail location is 975 Ford Street.

We would like to offer Signature K9 products at our business; what do we need to do?

Signature K9 offers several programs to help promote and distribute our products; please visit our Agency page for brief details of our programs. Signature K9 is very focused on supporting the K9 training community and has created our programs toward that customer segment. At the present time we do not allow other direct to consumer companies to advertise Signature K9 products in catalogs or on other websites.