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K-9 Overdose Kit

A Must For All Narc Dogs. Contents of Overdose Kit listed below. Contains no drugs. Directions and Information. 5 3cc Syringes and 5 Needles. 4 Alcohol Pads. 2 Antimicrobial Wipes. 4 Ounces of Hydrogen Peroxide. Gauze Roll. Tongue Depressor. Plastic Specimen Bag. Sterile Surgical Gloves
Contents of Overdose Kit listed below. Contains no drugs. A veterinarian must prescribe your dog's dosage and fill the syringes with the appropriate antidotes. Comes with reference guide for dealing with common O.D. substances.


1. Directions and Information
2. Five 3cc Syringes and Five Needles
3. Four Alcohol Pads
4. Two Antimicrobial Wipes
5. Four Ounces of Hydrogen Peroxide
6. Gauze Roll
7. Tongue Depressor
8. Plastic Specimen Bag
9. Sterile Surgical Gloves
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