Activ Dog Harness with Handle

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This item is custom-built and handmade in Colorado. Please allow 5-7 days to handcraft and ship.

The Activ Dog Harness is made of a 600D Fabric with 1/4" padding and comes with a clear vinyl pocket to display ID or credentials. Equipped with reflective strips across on the back and sides of the harness for visibility at night, a heavy duty D ring on the middle back for attaching a lead or leash, D rings attached to each side of the harness for use of pulling or carting work, and a plastic swivel snap and a handle on the back. The Activ dog harness is designed as a service dog harness with many features to make handling your dog and essentials easier for those in need. The name of this harness was by design; we hope it will allow people needing a service dog to stay active, but drop the "e" by eliminating the "e"ffort many other service dog harnesses require to make them work. Beyond being designed for service dogs; we think the Activ dog harness is a perfect everyday dog harness with features that could be for everyday use, dog walks and light hiking with your dog; again the perfect dog harness for an active (or should we say activ) lifestyle. The Support Handle works in conjunction with the Activ Dog Harness to assist those who use their dog as a service animal. It has been created to provide stability and support to your harnes available in Black, Blue or Red in Sizes 12", 10" and 8".

The chest strap has a two-way adjustment and the girth strap is adjustable and allows your dog the mobility that it needs to work, run, and jump. Comes in three different colors that will help your dog stand out in a crowd, available in four different sizes to fit any size dog.

Medium 25"- 31" girth
Large 32" - 39" girth
XLarge 36"- 45" girth