Compression Bite Bar Sleeve

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Made with many of the same components found in our Ultra-Light Hard Sleeves. Features a compression bite-bar to promote full-mouth bites with intermediate to adult dogs. Select one of our Bite Sleeve Covers to cover your hard sleeve. (Hard sleeves require a cuff.) Available for right or left arm.

"I've never been disappointed in the quality of Ray Allen manufactured equipment. Their Compression Bite-Core Sleeve is by far my favorite all around training sleeve, mostly because the dogs love it. When the dog bites hard, the core collapses, and the dog gets the extremely satisfying feeling of crushing his "prey". If the dog loosens his grip, the core expands in the dog's mouth, signaling that the "prey" is still alive, and the dog once again crushes the core back down.
I've got several different sleeves in my equipment bag that were more expensive, but they're "dead" compared to the Ray Allen Compression Bite-Core Sleeve. It's the sleeve dogs love to bite!"

Jim Rode
K-9 Basic Training
Gilbert, AZ

Bite Sleeve Comparison Chart

Sleeve Intermediate Advanced Replaceable
Hardness Grip
Versatility Price
Jute Basic Yes Yes No Yes $134.99
Jute Stage 3 Yes Yes No Yes $139.99
Ultra Level 2 Yes Yes Yes No $132.99
Ultra Level 3 No Yes Yes No $144.99
Ultra Level 4 No Yes Yes No $149.99
All-Around Sleeve Yes Yes Yes No $169.99
Ambidextrous Bite Bar No Yes Yes No $189.99
Compression Bite Bar Yes Yes Yes No $139.99
Trial Sleeve No Yes Yes No $144.99
Manitou Sleeve No Yes Yes No $184.99