Dogtra 3500X Dual Dial

$369.99 - $499.99
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The Dogtra 3500X is designed for professional handlers, the unique and essential features are intended to elevate your training regimen:

  • 1.5-mile range  (range can vary depending on surroundings)
  • Stimulation Level Lock
  • single-button Nick/Constant stimulation 
  • HPP vibration, audible tone
  • 8-level Selector Dial 

You receive a professional grade DUAL DIAL transmitter and IPX9K certified waterproof receiver. The Dogtra 3500X is available in an one dog or two dog system, the one dog system is expandable. The 3500X comes with a OLED screen and two sets of the selector dials and buttons dedicated to each collar, which allows seamless and effective operation of the collars without switching levels back and forth. The 3500X features make it an ideal tool for elevating hunting/competition performance or training tactical K-9 operation.  

*Can be used for dogs as small as 35 pounds.