Jute Intermediate Handled Sleeve

$149.99 - $189.99
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Made from high quality jute with an added top handle for sleeve stabilization once your K9 engages. The handle provides greater control over the sleeve, allowing you to work the dog more after they latch on. If you choose to reward your dog by exiting the sleeve, the new hand hold lets you release the sleeve on your terms and in your timing. The sleeve is adaptable to a wide range of experience levels, so you can work dogs from intermediate to advanced without having to pull out a different sleeve.

The shoulder guard protects against upper arm bites, making it perfect for young or green dogs who are still learning accuracy. The bite area extends from the wrist all the way to the elbow, and the very comfortable bite bar and user friendly barrel make this an excellent all-around training tool. Between the concealed inner handle and the new outer handle, this sleeve will maximize your control while optimizing your bite training. Please choose either right or left arm models. Lower bite surface replacement sleeves are also available.

  • For use on left arm
  • For intermediate to advanced training
  • Made from high quality jute
  • Shoulder guard for protection
  • Large bite area

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