RAM Collar™

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The adjustable RAM Collar™ has a unique combination of nylon and leather. It features a 2” piece of North American leather with Mil-Spec nylon and loop Velcro sewn on top for extra stability, allowing you to add Velcro panels and patches. This all comes together with a 1” Austria Alpine Cobra Buckle connected with a D-Ring. Usually with a leather collar you can’t add patched or Velcro panels and Ray Allen Manufacturing wanted to change that. Now you can get the same great 2” agitation leather collar you have come to expect from us with the added structure and options of adding Velcro panels. Can be adjusted from 14 inches up to 26 inches around the neck. You are going to love this new “anything and everything” collar added to your K9’s kit.

PLEASE NOTE: When you first get this collar it will appear to be stiff. The collar will soften with use in a matter of days.