Semi-Comp Bite Suit

$899.99 - $1,799.99
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Custom-Made by hand in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping

After more than 8 months of development and collaboration with multiple trainers and decoys like Primal Canine in California, Ray Allen is proud to introduce a slimmer, tighter and better fitting Semi Comp bite suit, that is easy on/easy off. This suit is designed for experienced decoys and trainers, not beginners or those requiring over-the-top protection. The Semi Comp Bite Suit is built with no extra folds or bulky padding often found in other suits, giving trainers no room for errors.You will notice excellent mobility and a comfortable fit with this suit allowing you to effectively work with dogs all day long.

The Semi Comp Bite Suit is crafted in a vest and sleeve style (similar to our Tactical Bite Suit). Tailored more through the shoulder and armpit to help you direct the dog where you want him to bite. We have also made the arms a bit longer on bottom of the armpit area, giving a great pocket that allows you to raise your arm without raising the suit itself. The legs are tailored for a snugger fit eliminating un-wanted bulk. However, we have added a little extra padding in them for working on leg bites. Unlike many other vest and sleeve style suits on the market, the vest folds nicely through the chest and shoulder area creating a nice pocket for the dog to bite. The back of the shoulder/armpit areas offers excellent biting surfaces from the bicep through the chest. We have added extra padding in the bicep, triceps, and chest area. The front of the pants has an added bib that protects your torso when you raise your arms.

We carry several standard sizes and color options for multiple decoys, for single users custom sizing is recommended You're sure to find this to be your go-to suit for all your suit training needs.