Substance Detector Training

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This practical and thought-provoking DVD series introduces Randy Hare's revolutionary methods for training drug and explosive detector dogs.

Disc 1 begins with a critical analysis and review of conventional detector dog training methods, and then presents the core ideas of the Hare Method: The handler is not the teacher, the dog teaches himself. The dog is not just taught what odors and stimuli to respond to, he is also explicitly taught what NOT to respond to. The dog is taught to ignore primary reward (ball) odors and stimuli unless they are encountered in conjunction with target odor.

DVD 2 shows methods to accomplish the next five learning objectives in the training of drug and explosive detector dogs. Teach the dog to divert its attention from reward to target odor. Establish a cue for search behavior. Teach the "oral response". Develop the dog's ability to complete prolonged searches and ignore distracters. Once these objectives are achieved, the dog will possess a crystal-clear understanding of his task and will display the kind of obedience to odor that makes it virtually impossible to disturb or distract him during search or indication.

DVD 3 details procedures for finishing the detector dog's education in real world situations while learning the final six objectives;

- Recognizing additional target substances.
- The Oral and Acknowledgement Game 1.
- The Oral Game 2- Problems of Access and Puzzles.
- Introducing vehicle searches and the Oral Response.
- Including the Final Response in Vehicle searches.
- Building Searches.
- On Leash and Directed Searches.

In addition, 15 objectives for the training of the passive detection dog are also taught on this DVD.

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