Trikos Dog Leash

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Introducing the newly improved Trikos leash, branded and made by Ray Allen for Mike Ritland. Mike Ritland is a U.S. Navy SEAL, Author, creator of the Trikos Team Dog online training, founder of the Warrior Dog foundation and owner of Trikos International. Mike has tested this leash with some of the hardest dogs out there, in the toughest environments. You won’t find a stronger, better quality leash. The Trikos leash is made of extremely sturdy Brama webbing that gives you the feel of nice broken-in leather but is completely water-proof, easy to clean, and still grips well even when wet.

The 6 foot long, multipurpose leash is made of Brama webbing. On the dog end, there is a quick release “Frog” clip that makes attaching a K9 to the leash and deploying the leash quick and easy. The one downfall to the “Frog” clip is they do not have a swivel function attached to them. This is solved by a heavy duty stainless steel swivel. At the handle end of this leash, there is a Black Diamond, heavy duty closing carabiner. Using this carabiner design you can back tie your dog, convert to a service dog/hands free leash, or use it as a normal 6 foot leash. The options you can do with it are endless. Finally, all the stitching is not only done by the high quality craftsman you have come to know, but the stitched areas are also riveted giving you even more strength where you need it most.

We are proud of the partnership with Mike Ritland, the Trikos brand, and Working Dog Dry Goods.